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Capturing the wild and adventurous - real, free spirited and full of emotion between two humans or the whole family madly in love with one another. 

Friendship is what I long for, from the craziness of life to the sweet and intimate adventures that we share along the way! I want to experience and capture each laugh and tender moment while you let me tag along as your third wheel or family friend.

I ask for your complete trust in allowing me to humbly document your biggest and sweetest moments in life. To be vulnerable, to allow for the emotional moments to sink in deep. I believe the photography of two people in love to be the ultimate experience, something you invest in because these moments in life should be captured to be held and remembered for years to come. I don't fancy the rigid and arranged posing , rather capturing your love in such a way that is raw, tangible, natural and true to who YOU are.  Of course, we will set time to get the posed portraits as needed, but I want to remain my focus on the importance of REAL emotions throughout our time together.

I may not be the ideal candidate, we may not connect and another style may be preferred over my own. BUT let's say you feel connected -you are dreaming of the sweet, intimate, adventurous and pure moments of your dream day to be captured - we may just be the perfect fit. 

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