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Stephenville, Tx. & Worldwide /

Hi Friends.


Jesus, Coffee, Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes and turqouise jewelry (there's a story behind the pancakes and turquoise if ya ever want to hear it) are the way to my heart. You'll find me most outdoors with a camera in one hand and my hubs in the other.

A few more things I enjoy are brownies and ice cream, thrift shopping (this may be an addiction), spending quality time with kindred hearts and just taking my camera outside with precious humans on the other side of my lens to create memories that'll last a lifetime and beyond!

I've got a smokin hot hubs, Tucker Brice. He has loved and supported me 141% in following my dreams of capturing the joy in  this world between sweet lovers. We have a beautiful baby girl, Layla Kate, who just rocks my world! With my loves and the Mighty King on my side, I believe that anything is possible as long as God receives every ounce of glory!

From capturing God's creations in the mountains and waves, to His greatest creation, YOU...yeah I said it, you are the greatest and He is allowing my 5 foot 2 self to capture your greatest joys in life. I guarantee the second I hear from you there will be a giant 'I just got chocolate chip banana pancakes' smile on my go ahead sweet friend, introduce yourself and slap a big smile on my face!

Lots of love, Cas